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Large 15ml Gel Polish, Sparkly 1339


Gorgeous colours, with a really creamy depth of colour. Keeps shiny for up to 30 days.

Suitable for use with UV & LED.

Larger bottles perfect for nail techs.

  • Quantity: 1 bottle
  • Colour: As pictured
  • Size: 15ml/.05oz

Certification: MSDS, SGS.

Out of stock


How to use:

  1. Shape the lightly buff the surface of the nail
  2. Apply a thin coat of foundation from the cuticle to the free edge (remember to seal the edge of the nail)
  3. Cure the nails under the LED light for 10 seconds or a UV light for 2 minutes
  4. Apply a thin coat Colours Gel Polish. Cap free edge. Cure: 30 seconds in LED Lamp, or 2 minutes in UV lamp
  5. Repeat a 2nd coat of Colours Gel Polish to the nails if necessary.  Cure under the LED lamp for 30 seconds or a UV light for 2 minutes
  6. Apply top coat